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Black and white Springer Spaniels

Ozzie12/16 - If you might be interested in adopting Snickers, please check out NEESSR adoption policies and application at:

Sex Male Color Black & White

JUST ARRIVED! Rockstar recently arrived at his NEESSR foster home. He is a 41 lb 4.5 year old springer. Rocky is a rather anxious boy. His foster family will need some time to get to know him. We'll provide more information when available.

Rockstar - Just Arrived

Liver & White

Ozzie! Ozzie is a 5 year old 49 lb liver & white springer boy who came to us here at NEESSR because of some challenging behaviors he exhibited in his prior home. He has been in his foster home now for a few weeks and was recently treated to a session with a canine behaviorist. At her recommendation, Ozzie will be going to obedience training to help overcome his reactive protective behavior. He needs a lot of basic training work so when he displays unwanted behaviors he can be more easily redirected to acceptable behaviors. His foster dad reports “Ozzie is a very sweet, loyal companion with very nice house manners. No destructive behavior, counter- surfing limited to leafy green vegetables, completely fine when left free in the home, fine with visitors, and completely house trained, even the first day in a new home. He loves his people and affection.”

Ozzie - Adoption Pending

Ozzie did very well in his basic skills classes and is ready to go!
***Looking for an adult-only family with no other dogs to adopt Ozzie. They must be committed to ongoing positive training to continue the work we’ve started. Ozzie will make a wonderful addition to the right family. A foster-to-adopt situation would be considered.

OzzieIf you are interested in Ozzie, please check out NEESSR adoption policies and application at:

Foster application:

JUST ARRIVED! Robby is a sweet and wiggly 45 lb 2.5 year old boy who recently arrived at his NEESSR foster home. He has had ongoing skin issues that we will be addressing. An appointment with a Tufts Veterinary Hospital dermatologist has been set up and we'll provide more information after that consult.

Please see his writeup on the special needs page.

Robby - Pending Medical


Sadie is a 2.5 year old liver and white springer who recently arrived at her NEESSR foster home. She does have a history of being quite reactive so her foster family will be dedicating a lot of time to working with her and addressing this issue. We will update as we know more about her and also announce when she'll be available for adoption.

Sadie - Pending Evaluation



Grady is a 46 lb black and white senior springer boy. We are estimating his age to be ten - but its just a guess. He was found wandering as a stray and brought to an animal shelter. The shelter folks gave him his name and took great care of him until NEESSR placed him in foster care.

Grady is a very sweet boy who needed a fair amount of medical attention.

Please see his writeup on the special needs page.

Grady - Adopted!

MAC HAS BEEN ADOPTED! Mac is a 6.5 year old year old black and white springer.

Mac - Adopted!

Jazz is a beautiful boy who came to NEESSR via the NY Broome County Animal Shelter. We don't know his exact age, as he was a stray, but the guess is 4 to 5 years old. He is presently listed as "pending medical". Jazz has a torn ACL in one leg, requiring surgical repair.

Jazz - Adopted!

This handsome 48 lb boy is 8 years old. His foster family reports that he is a very nice happy-go-lucky guy, interested in everything and he has a very sweet demeanor. Rusty seeks attention and affection from his family. He walks nicely on a leash, enjoys car rides and loves his food! He is crate trained.

Rusty has been exhibiting undesireable behaviors towards another male dog in his foster home. Just to be on the safe side, Rusty will only be available for adoption to a family with no other dogs in the home. Whereas this boy does crave attention, an ideal adopter would be home a good deal of the time. If this describes you - Rusty could be your springer! If you already have an approved adoption application on file with NEESSR, please call your adoption coordinator. If not, please complete our application found at:

Rusty - Adopted!

Sadie Grady Mac Jazz
Springer Spaniel does tricks
Springer Spaniel does tricks
Cane Corso Mastiff, Black Lab, & 2 Springer spaniels
Cane Corso Mastiff, Black Lab, & 2 Springer spaniels
FUNNY dogs Springer Spaniel and black lab having a fight
FUNNY dogs Springer Spaniel and black lab having a fight
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