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Information, Facts & Origins of the American Cocker Spaniel Dog and Puppies
The American Cocker Spaniel comes from the USA and was bred originally to hunt small game - bird flushing and retrieving. This dog is classified as one of the Sporting Dog Group which we go on to describe in detail in the section at the bottom of this page. The American Cocker Spaniel was first Registered by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 1878. Name Facts and Dog Names: This dog's name is sometimes mis-spelt as Cockerspaniel and the word Spaniel is often mis-spelt as Spanial.

Information, Facts & History of the American Cocker Spaniel
The origins of this dog are quite clearly held in its name. The word spaniel comes from the word "Espagnol" which means Spanish from where all of the Spaniel breeds hold their origins. The word "Cocker" relates to the breeds British heritage and its use of hunting Woodcock pigeons. The American Cocker Spaniel is recognised as a separate breed from the English Cocker Spaniel due to its smaller stature, shorter snout and longer, silkier coat. This has been achieved without any cross-breeding but by the use of careful, and selective, in-breeding.

Description of the American Cocker Spaniel Dog and Puppies - Coat & Colours information
The American Cocker Spaniel's coat is normally a shade of black, brown, black and tan or brown and tan and tricolours. The coat is normally medium length, short and fine on the head.

Dog & Puppies Health information - potential problems of the Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed
All owners of dogs and puppies are concerned about the health care of their pets and just as with humans dog health issues arise from time to time. Resolving dog health problems, including those of the American Cocker Spaniel, can prove to be costly and it would be wise to consider the benefits of obtaining dog health insurance. Diseases in dogs may occur because of trauma, infection, immune system abnormalities, genetic factors, or degenerative conditions. Common health problems and questions occur in relation to the Bones, Joints, Muscles, Nerves, Ears, Eyes, Teeth and the Mouth. Other, more serious, issues can relate to the Digestive System, Heart & Respiratory Systems, Immune & Blood Systems, Reproduction and Urinary Systems. Potential health problems of the American Cocker Spaniel may be checked via the Dog Symptoms Sorter, but can include:

  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia (abnormal development of joints)
  • Epilepsy
  • Eye Problems including Entropion (the inversion, or turning inward, of the border of the eyelid against the eyeball)

Online Encyclopaedia of Common Dog Health Problems
Please click the following link for additional information which we have provided via our:

Cocker Spaniel stops crawling baby on beach
Cocker Spaniel stops crawling baby on beach
"A Day in the Life of Max" our American Cocker Spaniel
"A Day in the Life of Max" our American Cocker Spaniel ...
Meet Bella a Spaniel, American Cocker currently available
Meet Bella a Spaniel, American Cocker currently available ...
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