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We are a 501 c (3) non-profit group that rescues Brittanys (often called Brittany Spaniels), American Brittanys, and French Brittanys,
primarily in Texas, and occasionally elsewhere as needed.

The Brittanys we rescue come mainly from shelters and owner surrenders. Our volunteers foster them in their own homes until “forever homes” can be found for them.

Brittanys are very high energy hunting dogs, bred to run, but very affectionate and have a sweet demeanor. They are highly inquisitive, and like to be constantly involved with their human families. To find out more about Brittanys, please check out our Breed Information and French Brittanys pages.

We constantly identify new homeless Brittanys, so please check back often to see our new arrivals listed at Petfinder and on our Adoptable Brittanys page. If you find a Brittany that you would like to adopt, please fill out our BRIT-Adoption-Application.

SisterOur Mission

Brittany Rescue in Texas, Inc. (BRIT) is an all volunteer, 501c3 (non-profit) organization comprised of individuals who share a deep love of the breed and are committed to the rescue of Brittanys in need in Texas.

Our primary purpose is to identify and rescue stray, abandoned, surrendered, or impounded Brittanys, and provide for their medical, physical, and emotional needs moving towards an end result of appropriate permanent placement. The secondary purpose of the organization is to provide breed education and support in any way possible to help Brittanys in all types of placement so they can be cared for most effectively. This is done through breed education and a process of placement within kind, breed knowledgeable, foster homes in which individual temperaments and needs may be assessed and provided for in the best manner possible. The ultimate desired outcome is to find permanent homes where they will become valued members of a responsible, loving forever family who fully understands the unique needs of Brittanys in Texas.


If you are interested in helping out, please fill out our
Volunteer Application online.

Brittany Foster Parents Needed!!

Yes, YOU too can foster!

Whenever I’ve been out with a foster dog or I’m talking to someone about rescue, I’ve heard the same statement; “I could NEVER do that! I would love them too much to give them up!” My response to that is “If I can do it, so can YOU!”

When I first became active in rescue it wasn’t to foster. I didn’t feel the calling, I didn’t think I could foster. As it often happens, my first fostering experience was a bit of an emergency. I got the call, could I? Would I? I screwed up my courage and dove right into the deep end. That first step, as scary as it was, was the beginning of a journey that has been gratifying as no other rescue activity I can think of.


villy - American cocker spaniel
villy - American cocker spaniel
American Brittany Rescue Putnam County Brittanys Oct 25
American Brittany Rescue Putnam County Brittanys Oct 25 ...
American Brittany Rescue- Putnum County Brittanys- Emmitt
American Brittany Rescue- Putnum County Brittanys- Emmitt ...
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