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How to Choose the Right Webkinz ToyWebkinz, made by Ganz, are soft and cuddly plush animals just waiting for a child to adopt them. What makes Webkinz different is the code that buyers receive when they purchase the toy. This code allows children to go to the Webkinz website and formally adopt one. Children can name their new friend and bring it to life in the new online Webkinz world. Finding the right Webkinz is easy for consumers who know how to buy just the right one.

About Webkinz

These adorable little critters make the perfect bedtime companion for children and are the right size for collectors. Newer Webkinz come complete with a code that allows the user access to the Webkinz secret world. Before buyers can make the decision on which Webkinz is the right one to buy, they must consider their reasoning for purchasing one. If starting a collection of Webkinz is the motivator behind the decision, buyers will want to suit their purchases to collectables instead of play toys.

Webkinz Available Today

Name of Webkinz





Brave Protector

Angora Bunny

Still active


Enjoys a good crunchy carrot




Good swimmer

Peace Unicorn



One of a kind


Great friend

Loveable puppy

First from the Love series


Loves to cuddle

Fun pal

Enjoys playing games


Mythical creature

Love for people

Love for flying

There are many different types of Webkinz pets available. The large variety allows imaginations to run wild through active play with these pets.

Considerations for Choosing a Webkinz

Before purchasing a Webkinz, buyers should consider a few options. They should consider the reason for purchasing, the receiver's personality, and favorite type of animal.

For Collectors

Buyers looking to purchase Webkinz animals for collecting purposes might want to consider different factors from those wanting to purchase them for that special child in their life. Collectors want to ensure that all Webkinz come with a sealed code to increase the selling value of their Webkinz. Collectors should make note of whether potential purchases are still active as a Webkinz or whether they are retired. The value of the Webkinz animal depends on many variables for a collector: the status, whether the code is still in a seal, and the condition of the animal.

:Webkinz Speedpaint: American Cocker Spaniel
:Webkinz Speedpaint: American Cocker Spaniel
i adopted my american cocker spaniel webkinz
i adopted my american cocker spaniel webkinz
adopting webkinz american cocker spaniel and pom pom kitty
adopting webkinz american cocker spaniel and pom pom kitty
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