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Cocker Spaniel puppies for sale in Texas

The adoption process starts when you submit an application either on-line, in the mail or at an adoption. Please answer every question on the application. Failure to do so slows the application process. If you Please note that the adoption contract is a separate document from the application. The contract will be signed at the time you pay the fee and take possession of the dog. You will also need to provide picture identification at the time of adoption. You will know the on-line application is successfully completed if you see a dog licking the computer screen.

Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas (CSR-ET) may verify employment, confirm home ownership, contact landlord and/or contact your veterinarian. If a home visit is required it usually takes one to two weeks depending on the availability of a volunteer to conduct the home visit at a time mutually convenient with the applicant. Home visits are done by appointment. We won't just drop in.

If there are questions about your application or clarification is needed, you will be contacted by e-mail or telephone.

An interview may be done over the telephone or in person.

Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas has the right to either deny or approve applications without explanation. Approval should not be construed to mean the applicant can select any dog. If we feel a specific dog(s) is not a good match, we may still decline to adopt that particular dog to you.

Please be patient. Our organization is manned completely by volunteers most of whom work full-time. If you aren't contacted in some or leave a message on the hotline at 713 208-1314.

Adoption Agreement

Please read the contract carefully - You must check the box stating that you have read and understood the contract before the application will process. As part of the adoption process, Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas, Inc. does follow-ups on our placements. We will call and if deemed necessary, do a home visit. The adoption is not final for 30 days following placement. During that time, you are considered to be fostering our rescue and you are totally responsible for its care, including veterinary care. We reserve the right to void the adoption and pick up the dog.

Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas has NO BACKGROUND INFORMATION on the animal's previous environment, behavioral problems, including biting (if any) and medical history. We cannot guarantee the dog's health although we attempt to alert the adopter to any known health issues. In most cases the age of the dog is estimated but your veterinarian may age it differently. Our veterinarians may not have identified every physical problem the dog has. Some diseases or conditions have long incubation periods. A negative test is not a guarantee the animal does not have a certain disease.

Introduction of a new animal into a home carries certain risks that must be assumed solely by the adopting party. Cocker Spaniel Rescue is not liable for damages that may result from such an introduction.
Your signature on this agreement is your promise to:

  1. Protect your dog from heartworms year around by using monthly heartworm preventative,
  2. Keep your dog inside except for potty breaks and exercise,
  3. Provide good quality dog food and water on a daily basis,
  4. Provide medical attention as needed and annual immunizations,
  5. Have the dog groomed a minimum of 6 times a year,
  6. Return the dog to Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas if you can no longer care for the dog, and
  7. Give unconditional love through sickness and health, and especially in old age.
When you adopt an animal from CSR-ET, the dog will have a collar and ID tag. The tag is registered to this organization. You are strongly urged to have your own ID tag made immediately. If the dog is running loose, picked up by Animal Control or a Good Samaritan, and CSR-ET is contacted, we reserve the right to refuse to return the dog to you.

Your signature on the adoption application certifies that all the information is accurate and truthful. If we discover the information on the application is false or misleading, we reserve the right to confiscate the dog.

Cocker Spaniel Mix Puppies For Sale
Cocker Spaniel Mix Puppies For Sale
Cocker Spaniel, Puppies For Sale, In, Lubbock, Texas, TX
Cocker Spaniel, Puppies For Sale, In, Lubbock, Texas, TX ...
Cocker Spaniel Puppies For Sale
Cocker Spaniel Puppies For Sale
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