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Submitted by: Patina Thompson on Feb 12, 2016

We purchased an orange male from Matt in June of 2015 and we couldn't be happier with him! Training Cosmo has been a breeze due to his natural abilities and disposition. He's a strong hunter and extremely confident in the field. I am so thrilled to have Cosmo by my side. He's a great pet for the family and hunting companion.

Submitted by: William Bednarek on Dec 30, 2015

We have gotten two dogs from Matt, neither time we were able to get down there to see them in person so we trusted Matt to fit the right dog for our situation. He was spot on both times.

Unfortunately our first dog, Sally, was hit by a car and didn't even make it to the peak of her career. She showed so much ability in the field and was such a sweet companion. After losing her we had a longing to own another one of these great dogs.

So we called Matt, explained our situation, he told us he had a little female that would be what we wanted. That's how we ended up with Halona Jean De Saint Keller, aka Sage. We doubted we would be lucky enough to end up with another dog with as much natural ability as the first one; well Sage proved to have even better ability than Sally from just a young age. At 3 years old, with limited formal training, Sage now has a steady job at a pheasant club and has impressed all her clients. In only a month and a half of regular work, she is steady to a flush, breaks on gunshot, and will retrieve to hand. We can not take all the credit for her progress, because of the well thought out breeding program, and training tips from Matt, Sage has become such a great dog both as a hunter and a pet.

We have been very thrilled with the experience of working with Matt and plan to purchase more dogs from him in the future!

Submitted by: Mark Kackson on Nov 24, 2015

You know Matt, that a well breed Britney only needs to be rounded out. I train every day but it is mostly in the family scene: normal obiedience, direction, etc.. I work a lot with quail wings on a string in the back yard, I am big on "whoa".

This Levi has already pointed and retrieved over 30 wild and pin raised birds this year. He is only 11 months old so, I am thrilled!

Submitted by: Mark Jackson on Nov 07, 2015

My Levi (now Luc) is 10 months old. We just completed his first hunt today on wild quail in south Texas.

Luc made three solo points, quartered like a mature dog and followed commands including whoa like a champ!

Can't wait for tomorrow!

Submitted by: Doug Farrington on Oct 25, 2015

Hi Matt,

I have been remiss in not having sent you a note before this. My family and I picked up Iris from you in early/mid-April 2013 (she was born 2/20/13). We named her Hazel. I just wanted to reach out and tell you what a joy she has been for all of us! I have had dogs my whole life and I've loved all of them, but I have never had a dog like Hazel. As I type this note to you, she's curled up by my feet where she'll sleep peacefully until I get up to move. At that point, she'll just follow me to my next resting spot and resume her position.

In the field, she is tractable and obedient. She works closely, has a phenomenal nose and she's very, very smart. The first two years of her life have not been great years for quail numbers her in AZ but this year is looking better in some areas. I'm hoping that, by giving her an opportunity to get into more birds, this year will be when things really start to click for her. Actually, I'll be taking her to Iowa to spend a week hunting pheasants next month and I believe that experience will be a great one for both of us.

Truth is, even if I never took her into the field to hunt another day in her life, she'd still be the best dog and best pet I've ever had. I can not thank you enough for the meticulous care you take in choosing and breeding the finest French Brittany's around. Hazel is a complete joy and a treasured member of the family.

Doug Farrington

Submitted by: Mark K. on Sep 26, 2015

Great dog! Josie is out of Abby and Gunny. She has a great temperament, is super smart, and a beast in the field. I couldn't ask for anything more in house/hunting dog. She is everything Matt said she would be and more.

Submitted by: Kris Martin on Aug 27, 2015

Update on Bear: Bear is now 8 months and is an incredible hunter. I have trained with Matt several times and Bear gets better and better. He is going to be amazing in the field this fall. Matt was spot on with him and has been a great teacher to both Bear and me. Being able to train with his other dogs and pups is an eye-opening experience into how Matt runs his operation, it's TOP NOTCH! Thanks again Matt.

Submitted by: Sheldon on Aug 23, 2015

At the recomendation of a good friend, I turned to Matt Keller for assistance obtaining my first hunting dog. I was a first time dog owner and wanted a reliable dog to join me in the field on my quail hunts. I had researched French Brittanys and felt that the size and capability would be perfect for what I was looking for. I also didnt have the time to raise and train a dog from a puppy. Matt had the perfect solution for me, a 6 year old female named Katie. I didnt have to do any training and right away she adapted just fine to the family with 3 kids. I have hunted Katie over a dozen times in the first year that I have had her and she has done very well. Katie hunts close, holds a solid point and retrieves very well. She has a lot of energy and is always excited to be out in the field. I will be adding a hunting companion for Katie in the future and will use Matt again for another solid dog.

Submitted by: Patina Thompson on Jul 06, 2015

Our pup out of Eppie and Henrie is super smart and so confident and bold, even at 7 weeks. He is advancing quickly with common obedience and his confirmation is perfect! I was hoping for a female, but this male is the perfect fit, and I look forward to working with him in the field.

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Brittany Spaniel Puppies For Sale
Brittany Spaniel Puppies For Sale
French Brittany Spaniel for Hunting
French Brittany Spaniel for Hunting
Brittany Spaniel
Brittany Spaniel
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