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English Springer Spaniel Breeders Ohio

Checks must arrive two weeks, 14 days prior to the puppy being released or ship to allow the check to fully clear the bank. Sorry for any inconvenience and Thank You for patience.

One of our Springers blending nicely to his new home.

Puppies - AKC English Springer Spaniels

This is Kelly I just wanted to send you a little update on Brody he is one from your Easter litter. He is amazing! Full of energy potty trained great with very little pressure. He is a great family pup. He loves all the attention from myself and my daughter. He made the best choice for our family and I just wanted to let you we love him and he is doing great. Hope you had a great thanksgiving. And happy holidays!
Kelly, Amelia, Mark & Brody

Peggy and Chuck with their new Springer pup from Hunter's Kennels

Springer pup with her new co-owner Peggy

Ohio English Springer Spaniels puppiesSpringer pup with her new co-owner Peggy

Peggy with the Springer pup and Don Hunter from Hunter's Kennels

Raylan's first dive into the pool

a couple weeks after his first dive into the pool

Our girl, that we named Sadie, is growing like a weed and very smart! We have taken her many places and she has been very friendly to everyone of all ages. We have been training her on simple commands and my husband can't wait to start training her with birds. The potty training is going well most days. We have trained her to ring a strip of bells when she needs to go out, although some days she forgets. Attached is a picture. I could pick her out of your photos right away!

Ohio puppies

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