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The Brittany Spaniel is an energetic, light-boned medium-sized dog with a lightly feathered single coat and remarkable speed and agility. It has an alert and eager expression, with fairly heavy eyebrows. Excellent hunting dogs, the Brittany's smaller size allows them to go where larger dogs cannot.

The Brittany excels at pointing and retrieving both on land and in water.

The Brittany Spaniel originated in France.

Brittany Spaniels range from 17 inches to 21 inches.

Brittany Spaniels range from 30 to 40 pounds.

Brittany Spaniels are typically black and white, orange and white or liver and white.

The Brittany Spaniel has either a straight or slightly wavy coat. Regular brushing is required to keep the coat in good condition.

The Brittany is a highly energetic and friendly dog breed. They are good natured and do well with children and other pets.

The Brittany is susceptible to hip dysplasia, skin problems and seizures.

Brittany SpanielThe expected life span of the Brittany Spaniel is 12-13 years.

Brittany Spaniels are a very energetic dog breed and therefore do well in a home with a fenced yard. An active owner is essential for this dog breed, since Brittany Spaniels tend to get nervous if not given plenty of exercise.

The Brittany Spaniel is in the Sporting group.

Is it a Spaniel?

The Brittany, often referred to as a spaniel, is actually closer to a pointer or a setter. True spaniels are used to flush out game, while the Brittany is more of an all-purpose sporting dog. They are particularly suited to bird hunting, having been developed in the Brittany province of France for just this purpose in the 1800s. The breed excels at pointing as well as retrieving both on land and in water.

The athletic Brittany is a versatile hunting dog.

What does a Brittany look like?

As you might expect given his purpose, Brittanies are quite athletic. Their solid, compact bodies include long legs, giving the dog a long elastic gait. Although a Brittany may have either a long or short tail at birth, those with long tails generally have them docked to a length of 1 4 inches. Fully developed, the Brittany will stand 17.5 20.5 inches high at the withers and will weigh between 36 and 43 pounds.

In America, black-coated Brittanies are not acceptable in the show ring, although they are in other countries. Colors acceptable everywhere include orange and white, liver and white, orange roan, and liver roan. Brittanies may also come in tri-color, but this too is a disqualification in the United States because one of the three colors is black. Breeders are currently trying to change the breed standard in America to include black, arguing that since black is acceptable in the dogs home country of France, it should be acceptable everywhere.

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Brittany Spaniel video : Lady goes crazy jumping
Brittany Spaniel video : Lady goes crazy jumping
Brittany spaniel video: lady plays in the snow
Brittany spaniel video: lady plays in the snow
Brittany Spaniel video : Lady crosses a stream to begin
Brittany Spaniel video : Lady crosses a stream to begin ...
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