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English Springer Spaniel Breeders Texas

Justin - Dallas, TX

Age: 12 months
Gender: Male
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 46 lbs.
Variety: Bench/Show-bred

Little Justin was walking down the street, minding his own business in East Texas a couple of weeks ago when Bam!, out of the blue, he was struck by a car from the right and left to die. We don't know why this little fellow was out wandering, but he picked a bad day for a stroll by the highway. He was picked up on the side of the road by the local Humane Society and taken to the shelter.

One of the shelter volunteers called ESRA, asking if we would help an approximately ten-month-old Springer boy who had been hit by a car. We told her, once they would release him, we would do our best to help. She told us there would be a mandatory 72-hour waiting period for the owners to turn up. The next day, they called again. Justin could not wait. His condition was deteriorating rapidly and action had to be taken. The mandatory waiting period would be waived. Of course, it was a Friday evening-stuff like this only happens on the weekends! Our Dallas volunteers also happened to be out of town! Could it get any more inconvenient for this poor little fellow?

Thank goodness for that same volunteer, who hopped into her car that evening and took Justin to the emergency pet clinic in Dallas for the weekend. It was a three hour drive each way, and we can't thank her adequately for caring for Justin enough to take him all the way into Dallas, where he would receive the proper care. Once ensconced in the caring hands of the Carrollton clinic, Justin was able to relax a bit. It was determined his right rear leg was broken at the tibia, and his pelvis was also broken. He would need an orthopaedic surgeon right away. The best thing our little guy had going for him at that point was his personality! It was obvious this little bag of bones was in incredible pain, yet he only offered a wag of his tail and a lick on the hand when he was touched or moved. He is such a sweetie! At that point, we knew Justin was going to need a lot of extra attention and love, along with more-than-a- little financial assistance.

Our Texas ESRA dogs are a little extra lucky, you might say. When the chips are down and we have a an extra-special rescue dog, we call the Dallas-Ft. Worth English Springer Spaniel Association, or DFWESSA. There has never been a time when we've called these folks and been turned down when we asked for assistance on a critical case like Justin. This was no exception. With very little ado, they agreed to help with Justin's expenses, and insisted we take him to the top-notch surgeons at the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center, where he would receive the best of care.

Justin underwent his first surgery that Monday afternoon, and it was very complex, putting his pelvis back together. Because it was such an involved surgery, they needed to postpone his next surgery a day or two. He bounced back very well, and his second surgery was performed on Tuesday. He ended up with about half of an Ace Hardware store in his lower extremities, but everything went very well. The vet staff kept commenting on what a sweet dog he was and how tolerant he was of pain.

Within a few days, Justin was walking again with the assistance of a sling. It was SO good to see the little guy up and about. After a week, the splint was removed, and he was walking short distances on his own! Because he is so young, Justin's chances of a full recovery and a good life are excellent! He will need physical therapy and follow up care for quite some time. After a while, some of the hardware in that leg will most likely need to be removed.

Off to his new foster home!

Update 10 AUG 08: Great news! Some wonderful former ESRA adopters stepped forward this past week, and have taken Justin home to foster. He continues to progress rapidly in his recovery, and becomes more lovable (if that's possible) every day!

While the awesome folks at the DFWESSA have so generously covered the cost of his surgery, Justin's expenses are still very high, with the weekend spent at the emergency vet and his follow-up care. We hope you find it in your heart to help defray this very deserving little fellow's vet bills.

Update 24 SEP 08: From his foster home: Justin's final surgery to remove all the pins in his leg is complete. The pins in his hip will be permanent. He is progressing SO well! His staples were removed yesterday and thank goodness he is now rid of that Elizabethan collar. He couldn't wait.

Justin is so playful . . . just full of himself! He loves his toys. He loves to play tug-of-war with all the sound effects. He loves other dogs. He does take off after anything, birds, squirrels, cats, butterflies, etc. I imagine that's how he got himself in this predicament. He will need to be on a leash if out of a fenced area.

It's been a long journey for this beautiful boy, and it has been our pleasure to be a part of it. He will be fully recovered by the end of October, and will be available for adoption November 1st.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Diane Chmielewski
Sloane Smith In memory of Katie and Lucy.
Melissa Marzullo In memory of Harpo Marzullo, and to honor the birthday of
Mary Marzullo, the best owner a dog could hope for!
Karl and Linda Lintz Get well soon sweet Justin. A new life is right around the corner for you!
Julie Ellis In Memory Of: Samantha (Cocker), Tamatha and Cocoa. (Mother and Son, Springers). Justin, we wish you a speedy recovery so you can chase the squirrels again like my Springers love to do!
Marie Devaney In honor of Kitty, Rudy, and Vanessa!
Emanuel Rose A gift for Cole Field Springer.
Nancy Remmers In loving memory of my father whose love of dogs I inherited. He would have loved Justin's story, as he was a healer himself, and he would have been so proud of Springer Rescue for giving Justin a second chance at life.
Debbie Goodykoontz In honor of Murphy (aka Shiner).
Jim Smith and Roxane Kelch
Nancy Kelly and Family In memory of William, aka, W.B. William asked for little in his short time with us, and gave us so much. May the road rise to meet you, William, you're a good dog.
Betty Green In memory of Mae.
Cary Branthwaite In memory of Springhope's CrackerJack and Augustus McGhee.
Heidi Thomas-Dunn In honor of our rescued Springer, Buster.
Donna Morgan In honor of our rescued Springer, Sassy.
Best wishes Justin. You're such a good boy.
Debra Hartley
Pomela Flanigan In memory of Priscilla Allen and her Springer, Ester.
Wendy Brown In memory of Tyson Boo.
Janice Myszewski
Caroline and Sean McLean Wishing all the best to Justin from ESRA success stories, Alex (Houston) and Callie (originally Houston now living it up in Edinburgh, Scotland).
Kathryn Allen Toby sends his love, in hopes Justin will be playing again soon!
Colleen Kaspari
Caroline Blessing In memory of Muffin.
Deitra Robertson Real Estate, Inc.
Stephen H. Roddy
Christine B Cunningham
Nancy Remmers
Collected from many donors at the Reliant Dog Show.
Sheri and Michael Cromwell
Maureen D. Bryan
In memory of Sebastian.
Colleen Roper
In memory of Kelsey.
Ruth Roy
Amy and Dan Reploge
Elizabeth and David Vikse
Tom Kirk
Get well soon Justin! Your Springer friends, Hershey and Zeke.
Terry Sprague
Fatima Surmelioglu
A gift to honor Jack Gulick!
Lucy McCracken
In honor of Clyde, who loved all dogs (and cats).
Margaret J. May
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