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English Springer Spaniel California

2007 English Springer Spaniels assisted - 1356

2008 English Springer Spaniels assisted - 1557
2009 English Springer Spaniels assisted - 1776

ESRA has developed a unique Springers for Senior program that matches Senior Citizen (humans) with Springer Spaniels 10 years old or older. ESRA waives adoption fees for Seniors who adopt Springer seniors.

In November 2008, ESRA assisted with the closure of a breeding situation in Kansas City that put 67 English Springer Spaniels into rescue with ESRA. That number is now 78 with the birth of puppies while in rescue. You can see some of the Kansas City rescues in the Available Dog section of our website (Buddy in Florida is one).

In late February 2009 State Animal Welfare officials in Ozark County, MO asked for ESRA's assistance when an unlicensed puppy mill operator agreed to relinquish over 200 animals. 100 of those reliquished were English Springer Spaniels. These included pregnant moms, one of which gave birth in rescue to 7 puppies (see the rescue chronology at ).


What are the organization's current programs, how do they measure success, and who do the programs serve?

Self-reported by organization

Program 1

Seniors for Seniors Program

Matches up Seniors 60 years or older with senior Springers 10 years old or older.

All Springers have complete health checkups, are fully vaccinated, neutered/spayed, heartworm negative.

Usual $250.00 adoption fee is waived.

Not available




$2, 500.00

Population Served

Aging/Elderly/Senior Citizens

Charting Impact

Five powerful questions that require reflection about what really matters - results.

  1. Provide assistance to English Springer Spaniels in peril at shelters, and to prevent their unnecessary euthanasia.
    Provide assistance to those people whose life circumstances demand they give up their English Springer Spaniel.
  2. Provide a nation-wide network of volunteers to provide assistance, when needed, to the English Springer Spaniel breed.
  3. By fundraising for the veterinary and rehabilitation needs, and by providing the manpower to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home English Springer Spaniels.
  4. We will know that we are performing our mission if English Springer Spaniels are no longer being euthanized unnecessarily, and are being placed in loving homes, instead.
  5. Since 1999, we have been rescuing increasing numbers, which attests to our effectiveness. Our average yearly number is around 1500 Springers.

service areas


Funding Needs

No animal leaves without having a health check up, heartworm test, is fully vaccinated and neutered or spayed. The adoption fees do not always cover those costs. Medical care is always the number one funding need. Special Needs Dogs: ESRA's mission is to rehome, rehabilitate and rescue English Springer Spaniels. As such, the group does not turn away old or sick English Springer Spaniels.

Brown, California, Chewing, Day, Eating (Human), English
Brown, California, Chewing, Day, Eating (Human), English ...
English springer spaniel hunt test southern Cali.
English springer spaniel hunt test southern Cali.
Pheasant Hunting California Springer Spaniels
Pheasant Hunting California Springer Spaniels
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