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We were delighted recently to be contacted by Chow Bella, to review their beautifully handmade spaniel bowls. We are not new to Chow Bella at all - I have been dining out of their bowls since I was a pup, but jumped at the opportunity to have some beautiful new bowls for our beautiful new home!

Chow Bella is a name known to many a spaniel owner, and was set up by Claire Pearson 10 years ago, who was trying to find a bowl that wouldn't leave her cocker spaniel Bella's ears crusty and/or wet. Hooman knows the feeling - being a diminutive cocker myself, the bigger spaniel bowls don't really have the desired effect! So Claire, a skilled potter, took to her wheel and created her first spaniel bowl. She shared her creation on a well known spaniel forum and was suddenly inundated with requests from equally wet and crusty eared spaniel owners, and ten years later it is now a full time business!

Claire and Bella

Chow Bella produces all sizes and shapes of personalised pet bowls and treat jars for both our canine and feline friends, but her spaniel bowls still remain her best seller, and we are a huge fan. They really are personalisable - you can select your colours, patterns, lettering, and even have them blinged up with Swarovski crystals. I have had them since being a puppy and my two old ones have lasted us three years, with nary a chip, and the added bonus of being dishwasher safe. You hoomans do moan about the washing up.

Chow Bella was named after Claire's blue roan cocker, Bella, who is now 11 years old. She also deserves a mention for fighting malignant melanoma, and is now in remission - keep it up Bella! Claire has more recently branched out into personalised treat jars, and now also does different size spaniel bowls, to cater for springers and cavs.

The beautiful Bella!

What did Chow Bella send us?

We received two of her bowls, beautifully made as ever, with her more recent polka dot design which we love. Hooman chose the colours and the lettering, and they are just gorgeous, sturdy bowls. All bowls are good bowls, as long as they are full of food, but these really are extra special, and we love the little bone prints that Claire put on for us. But really, words can't do these justice, so here are some pics!

Posing with bowls

Why is it still empty, Hooman?

An "ear" demo!

Each bowl is individually signed

Where can I buy them?

You can order Chow Bella bowls directly from the website, where you can select how you want your bowls personalised, by clicking here. The standard spaniel bowls start from £26.99 - remember these bowls are handmade, and custom made for you, plus if looked after, they will last a lifetime, and are totally worth the investment.

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