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We are an informal group of unpaid volunteers who live in New York, New Jersey, Vermont, and Connecticutt, and who find new homes for English Springer Spaniels which have lost their owners because of the former owner's death, or divorce, or new baby, or abuse..

Some dogs come from knowledgable animal shelters and animal control officers.
Other dogs were simply left behind when the family moved.
Other dogs lose their owners when the owner moves to a small apartment that doesn't allow animals..
Or go overseas to do missionary work.
Or the owner enters a nursing home.
Or whatever.

We've even heard of dogs who no longer fit into the family because the decor of the home (interior decoration) was changed!!


(Follow this link)

Some of these dogs are older prize-breeding stock, some are trained (or untrained) hunting dogs, some are liver and white, some are black and white, old, young, male, female.

All of them are pure bred (as far as we can tell) English Springer Spaniels.
All are neutered or spayed.

When we find a Springer in an animal shelter, we bail it out, nurse it back to health, clean it up, neuter it, give it its shots, and live with it in one of our foster homes for awhile to evaluate it, and provide a way-station for it to get over the loss of its former owner, Then we place it with an appropriate family.

Follow this link to find the

Occasionally, we find ourselves with a dog which is unadoptable because of serious desease or incorrigible temperment. This is a difficult judgement for us to make, but we are experienced in making these evaluations, and we always reach a consensus. Because of this attention, a dog which has been with us is a better risk for the eventual owner than the average dog from an animal shelter would be.

We believe that there are several major advantages to you, the adoptive parent of one of our dogs.

  • One of our experienced foster families has lived with each dog for a period of time, and we have formed an opinion as to whether a particular dog is right for your family.
  • We have a principle: "Once a rescue dog - always a rescue dog". That is: you can return a dog to us at any time if it becomes unsuitable for your situation.
  • There is no fee. We pay all medical and fostering costs until the dog is yours (although you will be asked for a donation).
We've placed hundreds of pure-bred English Springer Spaniels into new homes, and in the process, we've met some of the NICEST ! people.Bentley At any given time, approximately twenty dogs are staying in temporary foster homes, waiting for a new home - perhaps with you.

If you would like to own a Springer - or...
If you are in a situation which requires you to find a new home for your English Springer Spaniel -
Or, if you can help in any way,
Please contact us!

We also aid people throughout the net who have unwanted English Springer Spaniels, and people who would like to adopt them. Drop us an email, or phone Marge Silverthorn, our President.

Sometimes both parties to such a transfer even live in the same city!

If you would like to adopt a dog, foster a dog, or must give up a dog, please go to

for English Springer Spaniel Rescue of Long Island
Please excuse any delay in our response, as there are many links in this organization (all over-worked and non-paid), and we are usually over-whelmed with activities - house-breaking, trips to the vet, phone calls, printing newsletters, etc., etc.

We do not have the resources to return phone calls to your e-mailed messages, although we need your email address as well as your snail mail address information for our records, and we really do try to keep the information up-to-date as well as confidential.

YOU must take the initiative!

Outside our area, we've facilitated finding of new homes for Springers, and numerous dog exchanges among other parties, although the waiting time is more chancey.

Also, especially if you live outside the northeastern United States, try this phone number which has a large rescue service:
1 800 ESSFTA4

We are an entirely volunteer organization, and exist by donations which are needed to pay for veterinary care, animal shelter bail out fees, collars, leashes, dog food, and lots of paper towels.

We invite persons who have lots of money to send some to:

Our mailing address:
English Springer Spaniel Rescue
163 Academy Street
Bayport, NY 11705


This is BENTLEY, one of my favorite foster dogs. We took him on vacation with us to Great Pond (the setting for 'On Golden Pond'). The ferry boat driver's brother's son had just lost his dog, and adopted Bentley. I expect to visit Bentley next summer.

Individuals who rescue English Springer Spaniels,
but do not have a web-site

  • English Springer Spaniel Rescue
    east of Hartford CT phone: (617) 237-4751
  • ESS Club of Michegan Rescue
    Referral Service
    Terri Fallace (248)478-6619 - no email
  • Midwest ESS Rescue
  • Alaska ESS Rescue Jeannie Lutz. Anchorage AK (907)278-9679
  • NW ESS Rescue(Washington)
  • Keystone ESS Rescue - Mary Hovis - (215) 752-3034 - somewhere in PA
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