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soaked springer spanielOk, so you now think a Springer maybe for you, so how do you go about choosing a Springer?

First you need to determine if you want an, or a .

There is lots more information for you if you follow the links. However, there are a few other areas that you might like to consider before choosing your Spaniel.


You need to be sure that you can provide enough . as they are an active breed that can become destructive if they don't get enough daily activity. Please do remember this commitment that you are taking on when choosing your Springer Spaniel. As you can see, a tired Spaniel is a happy one.


Vets bills, , , and all cost money, you need to be sure that you can commit to these expenses for the lifetime of your dog. From personal experience, I would suggest you should look at to reduce potential vet bills. But there are plenty of things you can do yourself without spending too much money. l can be done by yourself at home, you don't have to go to a professional and the linked will help you achieve that.

If you also ensure that things like the coat an are well cared for you are less likely to run in to costs in the future.


Springer Spaniels are fantastic with . My kids absolutely adore George and Mungo, but all kids need to be taught about dog ownership; especially to respect dogs and not hurt them. There are more details on my .

As a very sociable breed, they enjoy the company of other dogs and animals, except birds; after all they are trained to hunt and flush game.

What Next?

Ok, so you've gone through all of the points above, and have decided a Springer Spaniel is for you, what next? You have two choices, are you going to choose a or a ? Then of course you will have to think about . Fortunately we have the most comprehensive selection of on the Internet, so that should help you out.

Adopting a Puppy

When choosing a Springer Spaniel puppy to adopt, you should ensure you do your research about the breeder you are planning to buy from. Check out my guide attached on choosing breeders and .

Adopting a Rescue Spaniel

If you don't want the extra responsibility that comes with owning a Springer Spaniel puppy, a may be for you. There are many rescue organizations that look after unwanted Spaniels and try to find them new homes and families. These organizations will help you in choosing a Springer that is right for you.

However getting a Springer Spaniel from a rescue organization means that you are giving a good home to an abandoned dog and you will receive full support from the organization you adopt from.

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