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Kings Charles Spaniel Rescue

Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue Officers:
Mary Coyne, President
Don Hilburn, Treasurer
Molly Malone, Secretary

The quickest way to contact us is by e-mail at our official mail box which is monitored multiple times a day:

Please include the following information so we can help you quicker (we won't share your info with any other source):

Your Name:

Your E-mail address:

Your Phone number:


Your Message:

Is your email about a Cavalier who needs help?

If you are contacting us about a Cavalier needing rescue, please be sure to include the location of the dog, any on-line links about the dog, a picture if possible, and your contact information, so we can more quickly help. It will enable us to check our available resources, etc. THANK YOU!!!


We regret that we cannot invite you to visit us except here at our website. We are a "virtual" organization. We have many dedicated, loving members but no "brick & mortar" shelter facilities. We have many foster homes in many states but they are the personal residences of those members who selflessly volunteer by fostering our rescued Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

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