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Brittany Spaniel Breeders Texas

We are a family oriented venture of Grandfather, Son-in-law, and Grandson that love to hunt together and enjoy the abilities, love, and exceptional hunting desire of our French Brittanies. As a long time owner of American Brittanies we opted for the closer working French Brittany and 15 yr old Jacob has found a new love in training his dog. Jacob’s young female Molly was pointing wild quail near the Canadian River at six months of age. All of our dogs spent last winter hunting quail from North Texas to pheasants in Kansas.

We are not dedicated to breeding programs but from time to time have exceptional pairings of dogs we think will produce great pups.

Here are some testimonies from happy owners of our pups:

Hi Jeff-

Attached is a photo of the pup I bought from you in Spring of 2010. We named him Gus. As you can see, he gets along great with my son. He retrieved his first dove for me last night. Worked him some on quail last winter, and he definitely has a great nose. Going to start serious field training with him this fall. Looking forward to a lot of years hunting over him. Hope to get another one from you in a couple of years.

Trapper 6 months oldRegards,

Matt Skulteti
Cibolo, TX


Thought I'd drop you a line - dog is doing well - great nose - shot a ton of woodcock over him this year -some, great grouse points - and you gotta believe the nose - see pics - hope all is well with you - shoot straight!


John M. - New York

Well the woodcock seasons is over here - wasnt a great year, had snow up north where we hunt and it messed up the hunting - Trapper is doing great - he has really come into his own in the last few weeks -3 weeks ago I had trouble getting him into heavy cover, i had to lead the way, now I tell him to go in - hes pointing rock solid on grouse and woodcock - and has a great nose - he really can find them!!! - I 've never had a dog do so great, so young - I'm very impressed with him - yesterday I had 6 grouse points all very impressive - I've attached a picture - He's going to be a great bird dog in the years to come -

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