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The Sprollie dog is yet another cross-breed “designer” or hybrid dog, this time composed of the crossing of a Springer Spaniel and a Border Collie. The Sprollie is notable among the up-and-coming hybrid dog breeds due to not having any Poodle component to the crossing, as the Poodle is the most popular and common ancestor of many hybrid breeds.

While the parents of any Sprollie dog may be a pedigree Springer Spaniel and Border Collie respectively, the Sprollie itself is not classed as a recognised breed in its own right, due to being a cross breed. However, the Sprollie is fast rising in popularity among people who love the main traits of both the Collie and the Springer, and is a lively, active dog that likes to be outdoors.


The Sprollie does not strictly have a documented breed history, being as they are not a formally recognised breed. However, dogs that today would be called Sprollies have been bred both deliberately an inadvertently for decades, on farms and in other working dog environments where both Border Collies and Springer Spaniels reside.

The deliberate breeding of the Sprollie to produce a set type of dog as a domestic pet is a recently new advance, however, and the name “Sprollie” and the reasonably widespread deliberate breeding of Sprollies for commercial purposes has only been going on for around ten years.


The Border Collie and the Springer Spaniel tend to grow to around the same size when adult, but that is where their similarities end! Border Collies come in a range of colours including black and white, black, white and tan, merle and various other mixtures, while the Springer is always black and white or liver and white in patches with little spots and dots of the darker colour.

Both breeds have smooth, short to medium length coats that are prone to shedding, but are reasonably easy to groom as long as you keep on top of it and do not allow them to get knotted up! The coat of the Sprollie will usually share the same sort of length and consistency as the parent dogs, although the colour of the pups may vary considerably, due to all of the potential colour combinations available between the Collie and the Springer. Black and white tends to be one of the most common Sprollie coat colours, however.

The Sprollie is a medium-height dog that should be lithe, muscular and lean with a half-length to full length feathered tail, smooth legs and drooping ears. The Sprollie is certainly one of the most appealing looking hybrid dog breeds, and given the working history of both the Springer and the Collie, will have a typical working dog appearance.


Springers and other spaniels are often popular as one-half of a hybrid dog combination, often being matched with a rather quieter dog such as a Poodle to take the edge off their high energy levels. However, when you throw a Border Collie into the mix, you get the opposite effect, and will almost certainly end up with an incredibly lively, active and intelligent dog that needs plenty of exercise and stimulation!

The Sprollie does not thrive in a sedentary, indoor environment with only a short daily walk, and they require significant amounts of time spent outside walking, exercising and running around! The Sprollie soon gets bored if they do not get enough mental stimulation too, and these intelligent and tenacious dogs will soon test your assumptions on canine intelligence! Due to their high intelligence, channelling the Sprollie’s energy into canine sports or complex games is a great way to direct their energy, and when correctly trained, the Sprollie can retain a wide range of higher-level commands.

The Sprollie is also very outgoing, friendly and kind, and will bond closely with their owners and handlers. They are usually good with other dogs, providing that they are correctly socialised.

Female Dog Border collie springer spaniel mix using cat as
Female Dog Border collie springer spaniel mix using cat as ...
Scotty Springer Spaniel, Border Collie mix goes through an
Scotty Springer Spaniel, Border Collie mix goes through an ...
Border Collie-Cocker Spaniel mix puppies, 38 days old
Border Collie-Cocker Spaniel mix puppies, 38 days old
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